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Do you also neglect your accounts?

To illustrate the importance of the quality management system, try to imagine this ... ... The quarterly accounts land in your inbox and it looks really good. Better than ever actually. Or rather: the last two quarterly reports look significantly better on the results page than the previous two. The company's revenue has risen steadily and exceeds your target and budget in several areas. Very good. A quick glance at the figures in the accounts reveals that you have cut in the area of 80% of your expenses the last two quarters. It looks a bit too good, so you [...]

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The efficient quality management system

You record everything in one and the same program with Wismatix QMS Manager. You can access Wismatix QMS Manager anytime, everywhere as long as you have an internet connection. It's easy to use, giving you a good overview of your quality management system and by using efficient and graphical statistics, you can pinpoint the weaknesses of your business. In this way, you efficiently improve your company processes, reduce errors, reduce waste and thus reduce company costs. This, in the end, means that customer satisfaction is strengthened, employee satisfaction increases and the company becomes more profitable. Increased demands on businesses A high-quality level [...]

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