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3.1.0 - BETA
  • 1 week ago Update Project module: Project risk list - PDF report -> customization ability, landscape
  • 1 day ago Update Employee module: Experience and Education matrix updated to only include present employees
  • 1 day ago Add Employee module: List shows only present employees | Former employee button added
  • 1 week ago Add Product module: Part-list overview functionality added
  • 1 week ago Fixed Project module: Project risk form - Risk headline max. character fixed (45->255)
  • 4 months ago Update Menu and layout: Menu icons added/updated; New color scheme/Blue, Gray (Rhino)
  • 4 months ago Update Facility management module added: Release management and control; Maintenance management and control; Repair management and control / Add your own check/control schemes
  • 4 months ago Add Product module: BOM functionality
  • 4 months ago Fixed Contact module: Quick search fixed
Software fix
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