Maintenance pays off.

Servicing and maintenance of customers and your own facilities, machinery, etc. pay off in the long run. Gather installation data, service, and repair history. Make checklist templates for different types to make sure that everything gets inspected and maintained every time.

This module contains the following functions:

  • Creation of own and customer facilities and machines within
    – lifting gear and lifts, machines for production, processing, construction and agriculture, medical equipment, pressure equipment, and automotive vehicles
  • Item List
    – with quick-search, column customization, grouping, and detailed search. You can save your customized lists for later use
    – all lists can be exported to Excel, CSV, or XML
  • Item cards with ID, name, model, serial number, ownership, order number, customer’s site ID, customer, location, installation address, google maps location, site category and type, and status indication
  • Attachment of pictures and documentation
  • Final testing, installation inspection, initial operation inspection, maintenance, service, repair log, and associated documentation such as technical documentation, etc.
  • Creation of item categories, control categories, and checklist templates, etc.