Wismatix QMS version control

We use a slightly modified version of the Semantic Versioning 2.0.0

Given a version number MAJOR1.MAJOR2.MINOR1-MINOR2, increment the:

MAJOR1 Changes to the UI or DB
.MAJOR2 Changes to modules
.MINOR1 Changes to functions in modules
–MINOR2 Patches and bug fixes to existing modules and functions

Pre-release and test builds are marked with brackets around the number for the release.

February 12, 2023

(FUTURE) Patch to improve/update/add
- Text field 'Other defects/deviations' -> Edit Other defects/deviations form
- Form in adding BIP from Customer/Supplier complaints and Other defects/deviations
- Print functionality to NC and Improvement records from lists
- Projects -> Project risks edit form
- Products/services -> Settings -> DCO types
- 'On hold' BIPs are moved to the 'Open BIPs list,' and 'Rejected' BIPs are moved to the 'Closed BIPs list.'
- Fixed problem with adding customer/supplier location
- Facility/device management -> Add Facility/Device + View/Edit Facility/Device: Review lists and flow optimized, 'Customer' field changed to searchable.
- Qualifications -> Add New: Qualification Name field extended
- Problem with e-mail notifications fixed (to few arguments error when sawing an NC/BIP)
- E-mail notifications if a document is ready for approval or updated added

E-mail notifications on documents
E-mail notification bug (to few arguments)
Qualification Name field extended
Facility/device management, Add/Edit, Customer field
Facility/device Inspection, service, and repair lists
Problem adding location to Customer/Supplier
'On hold' BIPs are moved to the 'Open BIPs list,' and 'Rejected' BIPs are moved to the 'Closed BIPs list.'
Add new DCO (Missing global variable) error
Print function added to records in NC and Improvement lists
Edit BIP in NC unified with BIP module layout
Record navigation added to DCO default checklist form
Copy button added to Project risks edit form
Multi-line text field changed to TinyMCE 5 in Edit Other defects/deviations form
Minor language updates
February 1, 2023

Patch to fix issues when saving RMAs, Complaints, Other defects/deviations, Safety issues, Quality costs, and Improvements when having many thousands of products loaded.
RMAs -> Add/Edit RMA form
Customer complaints -> Edit Customer complaint form
Supplier complaints -> Edit Supplier complaint form
Other defects/deviations -> Edit Other defect/deviation form
Safety issues -> 'Add/Edit safety issue form
Quality costs -> Add/Edit quality cost form
Improvements (BIPs) -> 'Add Improvement (BIP)'
Improvements (BIPs) -> 'Open and Closed Improvements (BIPs)', Edit BIP form

Menu labels in Improvement module unified
Explanation under Product selection
Product selection fields changed from select to auto-complete
Field formats in Safety forms
Field formats in BIP forms
January 31, 2023

Patch to fix issues with Excel export and sublists and unification of CAPA lists.
My menu -> My RMAs -> Created by me / I'm responsible / Closed
My menu -> My Customer complaints -> Reported by me / I'm responsible / Closed
My menu -> My Supplier complaints -> Reported by me / I'm responsible / Closed
My menu -> My Other defects/deviations -> Reported by me / I'm responsible / Closed
My menu -> My Safety issues -> Reported by me / I'm responsible / Closed
My menu -> My Improvements (BIPs) -> Reported by me / I'm responsible / Closed
RMAs -> Open RMAs / Closed RMAs
Customer complaints -> Open customer complaints / Closed customer complaints
Supplier complaints -> Open supplier complaints / Closed supplier complaints
Other defects/deviations -> Open defects/deviations / Closed defects/deviations
Safety issues -> Open safety issues / Closed safety issues
Improvements (BIPs) -> Open Improvements / Closed Improvements

Sublist added: My Menu -> My RMAs (lists)
Excel format changed from .xls to .xlsx
Excel export updated not to include sublists