History and what to come

Wismatix in the current form was founded in 2013 in Denmark, as a consultancy company assisting customers with the development and implementation of Quality- and Environmental Management Systems. We also operated as a subcontractor within auditing services for companies like Bureau Veritas and Inspecta (now KIWA).

January 2014 we started the developing of Wismatix QMS and later that year we established our Scandinavian headquarter in Stockholm Sweden.

In 2015 we had an operating production version ready and started to take more customers.

The years of 2016 and 2017 was used to expand our customer base and further developing of Wismatix QMS, implementing new modules and functionality.

2018 we focus on developing the scandinavian markets and taken the inital steps to move into the english speaking markets. We are at the moment planning subsidiaries in the UK, USA, Canada and Australia within 2021.


Image for History, Mission and Vision

It’s our mission to provide our customers with Online Business Management Systems evolved around the principles of Total Quality Management.

We strive to build systems that are usable by intuition, fast, reliable, effective and secure.

Our systems mand purpose is to drive improvements for the benefit of our customers by eliminating internal and external defects and deviations.

We are able to do this because we apply customer driven development combined with our own experience within development, production, logistics, process optimization and quality management. Nothing beats hard earned business experience with is what we use to build Management systems that works in real-life situations.


We have high ambitions which drive the development of our company and product world wide.

We will be the leading provider of business management systems for companies in the hightech industry within 2025.