Optimization of your business.

Make it easy for all of your employees’ to suggest improvement  to work together to create better products and services as well as a more efficient workplace.

This module contains the following functions:

  • Easy registration of improvement suggestions from both PC, tablet and mobile devices
  • Lists of open and closed (completed or rejected) improvements
    – both with quick-search, column customization, grouping, and detailed search. You can save your customized lists for later use
    – all lists can be exported to Excel, CSV, or XML
  • Case card with the reason for the improvement proposal, what can be improved, location, department, area, problem description, containment plan, solution proposal, causal investigation (if applicable rejection justification), preventative actions (the chosen solution), implementation, control and verification, associated images and documents.
  • Assignment of a responsible employee for investigation and implementation
  • Tracking of action time and overall implementation time
  • Drill-down charts for quick analysis of improvement proposals to spot areas that may have been overlooked