Wismatix QMS Manager

Wismatix QMS Manager

Your shortcut to fast, easy and effective Quality Management

Wismatix QMS Prices - Australian Dollar (AUD)

Wismatix QMS Manager is an online management system available through your web browser.

The system is fast, easy to use and you get a very efficient analysis tool to get the most out of your improvement efforts.

Wismatix QMS Manager contains all the features you need to run your management system easily and efficiently.

So do not hesitate, claim your license today to get the most out of your Quality Management System.

You only pay for the month to come and you can cancel your subscription any time.

Below you see our standard license packages based on the number of employees in your company. If you are more than 500 employees, please contact us so we can find a good solution/price for you.

You also have the opportunity to buy a support package together with your Wismatix QMS license. This will give you access to direct phone and mail support in normal business hours (9.00AM to 17.00PM) Mon-Fri. This support agreement also covers support on ISO standard implementation questions as we are experts in the field.

Beside this you will get access to our comprehensive knowledge vault on How To Do - Wismatix QMS, wiyh in dept setup instructions to get you started and tips and tricks on how to get the most out of you system on a daily basis.

Available license packages:

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