Product management, changes, revisions and BOMs

Define a product manager, manage revisions and changes, and build your BOMs. Link work instructions and drawings can define which suppliers are approved to deliver the product. This ensures that all relevant information about a given product, semi-finished product, or component / raw material is easily accessible to all relevant staff and suppliers.

This module contains the following functions:

  • Creation of new product including FDA DI, EAN and UPC number, Product group, type, and definition of whether the product is subject to PLM with the indication of status, revision, etc.
  • Product lists of finished goods, semi-finished products and components/raw materials
  • All lists come with quick-search, column customization, grouping, and detailed search. You can save custom lists for later use,
    – all lists can be exported to Excel, CSV, or XML
  • Sublists of finished goods, semi-finished products and components/raw materials with a definition of product types and status-indication (PLM function)
  • Product card with item number, name, ID numbers, product group, status, audit, product manager, product information, supplier information, change log, and associated DCO’s with improvement suggestions
  • Attached photos and related product documentation like drawings, instructions, etc.