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Wismatix QMS Manager is an online management system available through your web browser. The system is fast, easy to use and you get a very efficient analysis tool to get the most out of your improvement efforts.

Wismatix QMS Manager contains all the features you need to run your management system easily and efficiently.

Are you more than 500 employees -> contact us for a custom quotation.



Complete quality management system, easy and fast to use.
Wismatix QMS Manager includes modules for efficient handling of:

  • Customer and supplier management
  • Customer and supplier complaints
  • Internal errors and deviations
  • Safety issues
  • Improvements
  • Equipment Handling
  • Chemical Handling
  • RMA Management
  • Project management (Agile/SCRUM)
  • Risk management and SWOT handling
  • Analysis and reporting
  • Process control
  • Audits and management evaluation
  • Document management
  • Education and training
  • Employee responsibilities and authorities

3.1.0 - BETA
  • 1 week ago Update Project module: Project risk list - PDF report -> customization ability, landscape
  • 3 days ago Update Employee module: Experience and Education matrix updated to only include present employees
  • 3 days ago Add Employee module: List shows only present employees | Former employee button added
  • 1 week ago Add Product module: Part-list overview functionality added
  • 1 week ago Fixed Project module: Project risk form - Risk headline max. character fixed (45->255)
  • 1 day ago Fixed Product module: Product edit form - Product manager -> default = no product manager. Select list shows only present employees
  • 1 day ago Add Menu: 'Add product' item added under product module
  • 4 months ago Update Menu and layout: Menu icons added/updated; New color scheme/Blue, Gray (Rhino)
  • 4 months ago Update Facility management module added: Release management and control; Maintenance management and control; Repair management and control / Add your own check/control schemes
  • 4 months ago Add Product module: BOM functionality
  • 4 months ago Fixed Contact module: Quick search fixed
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