The quality management system’s quarterly, half-yearly or annual statement

Document the input and output of the management evaluations and create the improvement proposals to be worked on in the subsequent period.

This module contains the following functions:

  • Easy planning and creation of management evaluations
  • Lists of upcoming and completed management evaluations
    – with quick-search, column customization, grouping, and detailed search. You can save the customized lists for later use
    – all lists can be exported to Excel, CSV, or XML
  • Input to management’s evaluation with the status of actions from previous management evaluations, changes in external and internal conditions relevant to the KLS, quality management system’s performance and efficiency, quality management system’s resource needs, the effectiveness of activities to address risks and opportunities, improvements that have been focused on in the period, etc.
  • The output from management’s evaluation with Improvements to be focused on in the coming period, Need for changes in the quality management system, resource needs
  • Final approval of the management evaluation