Agile & SCRUM is flexible and efficient project management

With the agile and SCRUM-based structure of the project module, you can effectively manage project goals, requirements and specifications as well as associated tasks. Get an overview of the progress via the burn-down diagram. Set up your team, hold, and approve ‘sprints’. Templates for reviews and evaluations ensure that you are in control of any project from start to finish.

This module contains the following functions:

  • Creation of a new project with a project owner, a SCRUM master/Project manager, project type, review type, and estimated start/end date.
  • Project-list of incoming, initiated and completed projects as well as direct access to ‘My tasks’ and ‘All tasks’
    – all lists are with quick-search, column customization, grouping, and detailed search. You can save custom lists for later use
    – all lists can be exported to Excel, CSV, or XML
  • Burn-down chart so you can keep track of how many hours you can “burn off” (complete) week by week
  • Project card with project number, priority, status, name, project type, review type, project owner, SCRUM master/project manager, and the project team that can also contain external resources and a possible customer if it is a customer project
  • Detailed project description, backlog with associated task management, sprints including sprint reviews and evaluations
  • Backlog with prioritization, the total number of work-hours, completed and remaining work-hours, and a total for the entire project.
  • Project review in checklist format with an indication of percentage completed
  • Risk management with mitigation and customizable risk matrix
  • Associated documentation and budget