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The improvements (*BIP’s) module helps you complete your improvement projects.

  • Register the BIP -> Type a headline, choose the basis for the BIP (complaint, employee observation etc.) Select what can be improved (process, facility, product etc.) type in what the ‘problem’ is today and what you will suggest to improve this.
  • Assign an employee responsible to drive the improvement.
  • The employee responsible define the team, describe the problem in detail, determine the interim solution, investigate the root cause(s), define the permanent solution, implement the solution, validate that the solution had the expected effect, Prevent recurrence in similar situations (knowledge sharing), and finally congratulate the team and close the BIP.
  • The above-described procedure used in Wismatix QMS Manager is fully compliant with the formal 8D process.
  • Case closed.
  • The system will measure and analyze number and types of improvements, and through detailed graphical drill-down analysis, you get a detailed insight in exactly how many, and what has been improved over time, and you can use this information to inspire employees, suppliers and partners in further improvements of your processes and products etc. Also, this is a great way to document your engagement in continues development of your business for the benefit of your customers.

* BIP = Business Improvement Proposal

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